Our solutions are the heart of the microgrid. Innovus has a complete range of products designed to be configured to the customer site and applications. Our innovative technology can assure power certainty and deliver the lowest levelized cost of energy (LCOE) whether you are grid-tied or islanded. We support both diesel and natural gas applications to deliver reliable, low cost power.

Innovative Microgrid Solutions

For the first time since the creation of utility scale power grids, Innovus Power enables power producers to provide islanded and networkable microgrids that can compliment or compete with larger centralized grids in distributed generation applications worldwide. In increasing regions of the world, Innovus driven microgrids can produce power at substantially lower costs with higher power certainty than larger grids in the same area. Our innovative technology and configurable design ensure that all sources of power and stored energy are optimized to deliver the lowest lifecycle cost of energy, while decreasing grid downtime and ensuring power quality meets industry specifications at all times. The system is flexible to work with products from diverse suppliers and can be applied to new or existing microgrids.

To further reduce dependance on diesel, Innovus is providing the breakthrough required for natural gas to displace diesel in any microgrid application. Until now, natural gas powered generators have been limited to a very narrow range of applications due to their slow response to the rapid load changes that are common in microgrids. Innovus technology addresses this challenge enabling natural gas to be deployed in all microgrids regardless of the severity and speed of load demand changes.

For diesel applications, Innovus Power’s proprietary Variable Speed Generation ‘VSG’ can be deployed to further reduce fossil fuel consumption, emissions, and stored energy needs. Innovus VSGs are perfect partners with renewable power due to their highly efficient low load operation and superior efficiency to synchronous generators.

Innovus Microgrid Design Services can evaluate and optimize your microgrid design to deliver power certainty, stability, and the lowest cost power. We can do more because we understand more. Our experts understand power generation at the holistic level. We are experts in fossil generation, renewables, stored energy and microgrid management systems. Our analysis and modeling capabilities start with your energy management objectives, assess your current conditions and develop the plan that best meets your objectives.

GridGenius Diesel

Cleaner diesel-generated microgrids deliver up to 55% lower annual operating costs and emissions.

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GridGenius Natural Gas

Innovative technology makes natural gas generation a viable, low power cost option for virtually all microgrid applications.

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Ideal for existing diesel or natural gas microgrids to assure power quality and deliver increased savings.

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Design Services

Upfront design services rapidly model each application and cost scenario, delivering the most optimized grid design.

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Learn how Innovus Power experts can provide a superior solution at a lower cost of power for your microgrid project.

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