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The Heart of The Microgrid

Leading the transformation to green, low-cost, always-available power.

A microgrid is small scale power grid that can operate fully independent of a utility scale grid which provides on-demand electricity. It can have one power generation source or include the integration of multiple power sources. They can be scaled to provide electricity to a single home or to power commercial and industrial facilities, communities, universities, and sections of cities.

Our Mission

Lead the transformation from fossil fuel, to renewable energy driven power while increasing power certainty and lowering energy costs throughout the globe.

Over the last 30 years, we’ve had little or no control over

  • The cost of power from our utilities continues to rise with no end in sight
  • The need to reduce CO2 emissions is more urgent than ever
  • With increasing choices in energy sources, systems are more complex and difficult to manage
  • Power outages have been on the rise getting more frequent and longer in duration
  • Getting more power can take years with little certainty of attaining what is needed when needed

Time to Take Control of Our Energy Future

A microgrid is designed to optimize the energy available for its objectives, allowing customers to have significantly more control over the Cost of Energy, power reliability, and the emissions their microgrid produces. Instead of having to absorb rising costs and unexpected failures from utility-scale grids of indeterminate durations, customers of microgrids can project their Cost of Energy for years into the future. In many regions throughout the world, microgrids can potentially provide power cost savings above 50% by maximizing the use of zero energy cost solar, wind, and hydro power.

Who should I call to provide a Microgrid solution to fit my needs?

  • My utility?
  • Producers of fossil generation or fuel cell systems?
  • Providers of solar or wind power? 
  • Stored energy providers?
  • An electrical contractor or consultant?

The Solution is Innovus Power

Solving today’s power challenges requires expertise in the wide range of power technologies that can be deployed and a power system strategy to deliver what today’s customers are searching for.

Welcome to the world of Innovus GridGenius, the ‘Heart of the Microgrid’.
The benefits of Innovus GridGenius are: 

Increased_power_reliability - innovus power

Increased power


Co2_reduction - innovus power

Maximized CO2 reduction and economic benefits of renewable solar and wind energy 

Fossil_generation - innovus power

Substantially reduced need for fossil generation while assuring power certainty

Simplified_power - innovus power

Greatly simplified power systems with reduced maintenance, operational costs, and training needs

Significantly_reduced_power - innovus power

Significantly reduced power costs with the ability to compete with utility-scale power in increasing regions of the world

Superior_power_quality - innovus power

Superior power quality, thus reducing customer energy consumption and extending the life of electric and electronic components

The Innovus GridGenius Platform

Starting with each customer’s objectives and energy resources available at each site, Innovus Power will configure its GridGenius Microgrid Platform solution to assure its customer’s goals are met.

The Innovus GridGenius Energy Center contains the hardware and software necessary for each component to work in harmony to deliver the optimum results.

The Innovus GridGenius Microgrid Platform

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Innovus Power Innovation

Since the beginning of mass electrification over 130 years ago, the volume of electric power, its responsiveness to demand changes, and power quality have been managed and controlled by ‘Synchronous Generation’. Under this design principle, the multiple generators converting mechanical energy to usable Alternating Current ‘AC’ electricity must run at one (1) fixed rotating speed regardless of load demand changes. Similarly, the engines, aka prime movers, that supply the mechanical energy to the generators have also usually run at one (1) fixed speed to align with the generator speed. Innovus refers to this concept as ‘Engine Controlled Power”. It has been the dominant guiding principle of power generation in applications ranging from the largest utility grids to backup systems powering individual homes. 

Although Synchronous Generation and Engine Controlled Power have served us quite well, this control strategy has major challenges in meeting today’s power needs including:

  • Major limitations in capability to maximize renewable energy capacity and benefits while lowering total power costs
  • With a core synchronous generation technology that matured many decades ago, large investments have limited impact improving fuel efficiency to lower overall power costs
  • Very inefficient and high maintenance costs at low-load operations
  • The inherent complexity and high support costs of multiple-generation systems usually required for primary power applications
  • Deterioration of power quality and reliability as intermittent energy sources increase

Why we need Innovus GridGenius

Innovus Power’s innovation starts at the foundation of power generation. Instead of using engines to manage and control power at Microgrid scale, Innovus has created a new foundation using power electronics and control software. Innovus calls its proprietary system, ‘GridGenius’. By taking this approach, fossil generation and its Engine Controlled Power systems are no longer the center of gravity for power control. The Innovus GridGenius Power System with its fully contained GridGenius Energy Center can integrate any energy source and stored energy component and precisely align its capabilities to any power application. GridGenius now controls the volume of power, speed of response to load demand changes, and quality of power. 

The results have produced the breakthrough power users have been searching for. Innovus Power GridGenius driven systems

  • Maximize renewable energy capacity and the associated environmental and cost benefits
  • Can reduce fuel consumption by over 50% without the assistance of renewable energy
  • Greatly simplify and reduce the number of power systems required in an application while further reducing fuel consumption, operating, and maintenance costs
  • Provide power quality and reliability at the highest levels regardless of the application
  • May be rapidly deployed to distant and harsh environments and readily supported