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The Microgrid Opportunity

Microgrids bring together multiple sources of power and stored energy. Lacking an integrated design with system controls, results in sub-optimal cost, power quality, and environmental benefits. This lack of a tightly knit integration has negative results:

  • Lack of power certainty
  • Poor grid stability
  • Inability to achieve lowest cost energy
  • Ineffective utilization of renewables
  • Increased lifetime cost and performance risk of sub-optimal operation

The Innovus Solution

GridGenius enhances the microgrid by combining integrated design with hardware and software to ensure optimal microgrid operation:

  • Delivers power certainty
  • Ensures grid stability
  • Achieves the lowest levelized cost of energy (LCOE)
  • Maximizes impact of renewables
  • Improves overall microgrid performance

Innovus is the pivotal step to a building a better fossil fuel generated microgrid. Our solutions deliver optimized deployment, easy configuration & management and lowest levelized cost of energy.

GridGenius Diesel

Cleaner diesel-generated microgrids deliver up to 55% lower annual operating costs and emissions.

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GridGenius Natural Gas

Innovative technology makes natural gas generation a viable, low power cost option for virtually all microgrid applications.

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Ideal for existing diesel or natural gas microgrids to assure power quality and deliver increased savings.

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Design Services

Upfront design services rapidly model each application and cost scenario, delivering the most optimized grid design.

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Innovus Innovation

Innovation is part of the Innovus name. It is key to what we do. Our intimate and deep knowledge across all microgrid technologies is the foundation to do things a different and better way. We recognize the unique integration challenges between renewable power and fossil generation.

Before Innovus Power’s solution, high penetration solar and wind power was not economically viable. We’ve changed that paradigm. We’ve found a way to get the most out of today’s stored energy technologies to realize the full benefits of the earth’s free energy.

We’ve revolutionized fossil power generation by developing the world’s first fuel efficient, variable speed generator sets for primary power. This kind of innovation delivers reduced power consumption, greater efficiency and creates microgrids with less harmful emissions, resulting in cleaner, greener energy.

Our GridGenius Power Center uses proprietary control software and innovative hardware design to maintain grid stability and ensure power quality optimizing the efficiency of the grid.

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Our portfolio serves systems up to 25MW where reliable, lower cost power is a priority.  Innovus Power’s Solutions can provide primary or standby power for a variety of applications worldwide.

Remote Communities

Resorts & Hotels

Medical & Extended Care


Agriculture & Greenhouses

Ship to Shore

Oil & Gas


Commercial & Industrial

Sea & Rail Auxiliary Power

Power Utilities

Discover which Innovus Solutions are ideal for specific applications to provide power certainty and power quality while delivering the lowest cost power.

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