Experiencing Blackouts?Brownouts?High Power Costs?

Innovus  Power’s Grid Design Services can evaluate and optimize your microgrid design to deliver power certainty, stability, and the lowest cost power.

Power Certainty at a Lower Cost

It’s not just environmental and weather events that can bring a utility grid to its knees. As renewables have had a positive environmental impact to utility grids, they have introduced increasing challenges in power quality control. These power quality issues can degrade the quality of power at a given site causing issues that can ultimately affect downtime, and reduce application hardware lifespan. Microgrids are complex, multi-technology, multi-vendor ecosystems requiring analysis and modeling of all core technologies to meet the power objectives. Innovus design services ensure systems operate effectively to ensure energy costs are predicable, and the lowest cost.

The Innovus Difference

The experts at Innovus Power understand power generation at the holistic level. We are experts in fossil generation, renewables, stored energy and microgrid management systems. Our analysis and modeling capabilities start with your energy management objectives, assess your current conditions and develop the plan that best meets your objectives.

We can assess the performance of an existing grid-tied or islanded microgrid and help properly plan a new microgrid to ensure that it is scalable for future enhancements, but right-sized to deliver dependable lowest cost power. Our upfront design services have been able to save our customers up to 25% of the total capital and 20% long-term cost of energy for a given project.

Our modeling analysis will provide information to right-size the grid componentry and develop the following strategies:

  • Microgrid system and control integration
  • Generator sizing
  • Renewables sizing
  • Storage
  • Interconnect
  • Standby power

Our services are a stand-alone offering. Our approach is technology agnostic to find the optimal solution for the customer. If your project can benefit from our products, the cost of the Microgrid Design Service will be applied to the larger order. If we don’t see a true benefit in our products on your microgrid, we will provide you with the modeling analysis to achieve the optimal microgrid plan for a one-time fee.

Optimal Grid Performance

Islanded Microgrids

Design your microgrid with the right size and mix of power generation, renewables and storage to assure power certainty, extending the life of electronics and meeting end-user power objectives.

Utility-Tied Power

Provide power quality and certainty with the lowest levelized cost of power by performing detailed analysis of the utility grid performance at the site: evaluating renewable, standby, fossil systems.

Who Can Benefit from Innovus Microgrid Design Services?

Innovus Power Design Services are available to assist Independent Power Providers, Developers, Site Managers and Site Owners to solve their power issues and deliver a customized, holistic plan.

Power Providers and Developers

– Assure power certainty for site

– Reduce overall capital costs

– Deliver lower levelized cost of energy (LCOE)

– Maintain power quality to meet industry specification

– Optimize renewables for environmental sustainability

Site Managers and Site Owners

– Reduced power outages

– Improved cost predictability

– Lower levelized cost of energy (LCOE)

– Longer life of application hardware

– Optimize renewables for environmental sustainability

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