BridgeGenius an ideal upfit for existing synchronous fossil fuel generated microgrids, desiring increased stability without having to replace existing infrastructure. The system is upgradeable to include a variable speed generator as a future improvement to further realize cost savings and grid optimization. BridgeGenius’s innovative technology and configurable design ensure that existing microgrids are optimized to deliver the lowest lifecycle cost of energy, while decreasing grid downtime and ensuring power quality without expensive hardware switchouts.

For the first time since the creation of utility scale power grids, Innovus Power enables power producers to provide islanded and networkable microgrids that can outperform larger centralized grids in distributed generation applications worldwide.

GridGenius Energy Center

The Energy Center ensures power quality and the amount of required power. It is the heart and brains of the solution.

  • Configurable to specific grid requirements
  • Can be grid-forming or grid-following
  • Manages the speed & efficiency of the variable speed engine when applied
  • Assures utility grade power quality specifications are always achieved
  • Enables life of stored energy devices to be maximized
  • Integrates highly proven major power components to assure industry leading power reliability
  • Manages where and when the energy is dispatched and stored
  • 24/7 Remote monitoring and management service support worldwide
  • Can be integrated and controlled by utility power management systems when specified to be dispatchable where and whenever needed


This component manages and optimizes the use of renewables as part of the microgrid.  It also provides the brains behind making natural gas a stable option.

  • Allows for high penetration renewables with lowest Levelized Cost of Energy
  • Deploy excess renewable energy into heat requirements
  • Fills energy deficits so power quality remains within specification
  • Provides configurable storage energy options
  • Enables most cost-effective system for time shifting and peak shaving

Grid Design Services

Proprietary modeling and simulation tools provide the ability to rapidly assist in designing each application scenario and get it right before deployment. We assess the risk, operational performance and mix of technologies to help you design the best grid to meet your needs.

  • Leverage deep technical power knowledge of Innovus experts across all required microgrid technologies
  • Determine the right mix of fossil fuel, renewables and stored energy to ensure that grid power quality requirements are met
  • Establish the configuration with the highest power certainty
  • Lowest Cost of Energy (LCOE) configuration
  • Agnostic view of technology and technology mixes, ensuring that the grid is optimally specified

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