Australia’s leading Microgrid Research Facility identifies Innovus’ technology as optimal

Australia’s Centre for Renewable Energy and Power Systems (CREPS) recently publishScreen shot 2018-03-13 at 9. 23. 42 am - innovus powered an independent technology whitepaper on Variable Speed Diesel Technology that identifies Innovus’ Variable Speed Generator technology (VSG) as the solution to the challenge of integrating renewables with diesel generator based off grid systems.
The CREPS paper states: “Variable speed diesel application will significantly reduce the cost of high penetrations of renewable energy into remote and off-grid power systems, without substantially changing the technology footprint. Accordingly diesel based technologies have a pivotal role in transitioning off-grid power systems to a reduced reliance on diesel fuel.”
The paper cites fuel savings for VSG as high as 60% when it’s deployed in partnership with Renewables. For applications that are already benefiting from renewables and energy storage, addition of VSG can bring up to an additional 30% of fuel savings.
For more about Innovus VSG contact:
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